NFL 2020 Week six predictions

NFL 2020 Week Six Predictions

Predicting football games this year seems harder than ever with surprising results tripping me up every week. Maybe some of these crazy results have something to do with empty stadium, maybe a bit to do with other Covid related factors. Whatever it may be I will carry on regardless.

Here are my NFL 2020 Week Six Predictions:

Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Probably game of the week will take place in Tampa as Aaron Rodgers come up against Tom Brady in a veteran face off. You would think Rodgers is more likely to have more success here but it’s impossible to write off this Buccaneers team. Packers to edge it.

Packers 31 Buccaneers 27

Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills

The Chiefs suffered a surprise defeat last week against the Raiders. The Bills defeat against the Titan was maybe less of a surprise but still a setback and a first defeat of the season for them. I fancy Mahomes will lead the charge here and the Chiefs will bounce back comfortably.

Chiefs 32 Bills 17

Pittsburg Steelers @ Cleveland Browns

Two form teams go head to head when the 4-0 Steelers go to 4-1 Browns. Roethlisberger looks in good shape and will have a massive influence on how far Pittsburg can go this year. The Browns look like finally reaching their undoubted potential but this is a a tough task for them.

Steeler 30 Browns 14

Dallas Cowboys @ Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals will be looking at Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins to cause this shaky Cowboys more problems in what has been a tough season for them. The Cardinals aren’t look too hot defensively themselves so but should edge what might be a high scoring game.

Cowboys 29 Cardinals 38

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

The Patriots season has been stop and start in more ways than one. The good news is they come up against a Broncos side who look a bit lost. Even if Cam Newton misses out, the Patriots will have enough to win this.

Broncos 17 Patriots 43

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

The Titans have looked pretty good this season despite the disruptions so far. They looked back into the swing of things on their impressive victory over the Bills last week. The Texans on the other hand have failed to set the heather alight and I can only see more misery for them in this one.

Texans 23 Titans 32

Baltimore Ravens @ Philadelphia Eagles

We are starting to see a few flaws in what looked like a flawless Ravens team at the start of the season. Jackson and his offense will pick things up and continue to pile points on the board though against an Eagles side who aren’t quite as bad as results have shown so far.

Ravens 26 Eagles 20

Washington Football Team @ New York Giants

Can the Giants get their first win of the season? They certainly won’t have many better opportunities. Washington are coming off some heavy defeats and have too many selection issues at the moment.

Washington 16 Giants 23

Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings

The Falcons will be looking a new coach bounce with interim coach Raheem Morris. Unfortunately for him his team just don’t have a defense to stop most decent teams and that includes the Vikings who racked up 31 points in their victory over the Texans last week.

Falcons 10 Vikings 26

Detroit Lions @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars defense was already looking poor but additional injuries have left them looking very vulnerable. The Lions are no great shakes themselves with just one win so far this year. They do have enough weapons to seal the victory here though.

Lions 31 Jaguars 21

Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts

Young up and coming Bengals quarterback Joe Burrows up against the slowly winding down Colts quarterback Philip Rivers. Burrows is streets ahead of Rivers in every way this season but unfortunately for him he is not surrounded by as many good teammates.

Bengals 11 Colts 21

Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers

Despite a first loss of the season to the Colts in Week 4, the Bears have been a bit of a surprise package. The Panthers meanwhile have still to hit top gear but they will have to soon to revive their season. This could be a low scoring tight one.

Bears 9 Panthers 14

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

The Jets are 0-5 and its hard to see where the first victory is going to come from. Before the season started they may have ear marked the Dolphins as a good opportunity for that win. But Miami have actually looked OK with 2 wins already racked up this year. And they had a big win against the 49ers last week.

Jets 10 Dolphins 26

LA Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

You have to feel for the 49ers this year. Injuries have destroyed any hopes they had of reaching last years levels. It won’t get any easier for them as they come against a Rams team looking to continue what has been a good 4-1 season so far.

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