NFL 2021 super bowl predictions

NFL Super Bowl 2021 Prediction

In what can only be described as a season like no other, we are finally down to the big one. It’s been a tough ride for all 32 teams this season but it has to be said that the last 2 teams standing are worthy finalists.

Here is my NFL 2021 Super Bowl Prediction:

Kansas City Chiefs @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

22,000 lucky souls will be in attendance at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on Sunday to see a home team finalist for the first time in NFL history. Will this have any impact on the outcome? probably not, but it will be great to see fans there and it will give the players a boost.

As always, in the biggest of games like this, it could come down to the quarterbacks. In one corner we have the seemingly ageless Tom Brady in his 10th Super Bowl appearance. Is he as good as ever? that’s debatable. What isn’t up for discussion is that he is surrounded by a brilliant offense and a tight defense. Receivers Chris Godwin and Mike Evans are superstars in their own right and will be key to Tampa’s chances on Sunday.

In the other corner we have the amazing talent that is Patrick Mahomes. With one Super Bowl already under his belt, Mahomes could one day match Brady’s record. He has a long way to go but certainly has the talent. But just like the Buccaneers, the Chiefs are much more than a one man show. Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Tyrann Mathieu and several others can lead this team to glory.

So can Tampa provide the surprise on Sunday? It’s just so difficult to bet against Brady in a Super Bowl match up. But for me, the one man who can step up every time is Mahomes. And on top of that, the Chiefs do have the stronger roster overall even including the special teams. And that’s why the Chiefs will be victorious on Sunday.

Chiefs 38 Buccaneers 24

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