NFL Super Bowl 2021 Prediction

NFL 2021 super bowl predictions

In what can only be described as a season like no other, we are finally down to the big one. It’s been a tough ride for all 32 teams this season but it has to be said that the last 2 teams standing are worthy finalists.

Here is my NFL 2021 Super Bowl Prediction: (more…)

NFL 2021 Championship Games Predictions

NFL Championship games

It was heartbreak last week for the Browns, Rams, Ravens and Saints. But it’s onwards and upwards for the 4 teams still fighting it out for the big prize. Can the Bills surprise the Chiefs? Can the Buccaneers upset the odds against the Packers? we will find out soon enough.

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NFL 2021 Divisional Round Predictions

NFL 2021 divisional round predictions

And now we have eight! Last weeks excellent playoff games are still fresh in the memory but we don’t have time to hang about as we move into the Divisional round. The games this week are harder to predict as you would expect but here goes anyway.

Here are my NFL 2021 Divisional Round predictions: (more…)

NFL 2021 wild card playoff predictions

NFL 2021 wild card playoff predictions

It’s playoff time in the NFL season as we enter wild card week. Top seeds the Chiefs and the Packers can put their feet up and watch the rest battle it out in some interesting head to head clashes.

Here are my NFL 2021 wild card playoff predictions: (more…)

NFL 2020 Week seventeen predictions

NFL 2020 Week seventeen predictions

While some of the qualified teams will have the luxury of resting players in week 17, several others still have their play-off chances hanging in the balance. That makes for some unpredictable yet exciting match ups this week.

Here are my NFL 2020 Week seventeen predictions: (more…)