Latest NFL Mock Draft has Jalen Carter stuck in absolute freefall

Former Georgia star Jalen Carter had charges filed against him on Wednesday. By Thursday, he was already falling down NFL Draft boards. Could the Steelers take him?

The charges filed against Georgia star Jalen Carter were two misdemeanors — racing and reckless driving. On the surface, that isn’t all too serious, but this goes well beneath the surface level.

Carter was allegedly driving next to his Georgia teammate, Devin Willock, as well as UGA staffer Chandler LeCroy. Willock passed away from the tragic accident, while Carter initially drove away prior to returning to the scene. When police initially questioned him, Carter denied racing or playing a part in the accident. It remains unclear exactly what happened, despite the police report filed.

Carter’s legal team issued a statement.

Steelers: How will all of this impact Jalen Carter’s NFL Draft stock?

NFL teams are still gathering information on Carter’s incident. Those organizations which have already spoken to him will likely want second interviews. Carter’s team will hope that the legal situation ends quickly, or that more information is released which absolves Carter of much blame.

As things currently stand, Carter fell to No. 17 in the first round of CBS latest mock draft.

CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso believes the Pittsburgh Steelers have the right structure to keep Carter in check and deal with the legal repercussions of this case:

“The Steelers stop the Carter fall and feel they have the right coaching structure and locker room to handle everything that will come with making this selection,” Trapasso wrote.

Pittsburgh’s primary needs are offensive tackle and cornerback, but Carter would be tough to pass up. Cameron Heyward is getting up there in age, and could use some help on a three-man defensive line.

The Chase Claypool trade, which armed the Steelers with the Chicago Bears No. 34 overall pick, essentially gives Pittsburgh a second first rounder to fill a roster hole. Picking Carter at 17 and an offensive lineman at 34 is a dream scenario for the Steelers, if it comes true.

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