If the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers, here’s when it’ll likely happen

The Green Bay Packers could be inclined to trade future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but only on their timetable.

Aaron Rodgers trade market is shrinking by the day, as the Las Vegas Raiders and other potential suitors are exploring their options at the NFL Combine. Rodgers is in his final years as a pro quarterback, and is set to earn a monstrous amount of money over the next few years, either in Wisconsin or elsewhere.

If that happens to be elsewhere, a trade likely won’t happen until June 1, at the earliest, thanks to NFL cap rules. Trading Rodgers after June 1 would free up a ton of cap space for Brian Gutekunst and Co.

CBS Sports Joel Corry laid it out well:

“By waiting until June 2, the bonus proration from Rodgers’ 2024 through 2026 contract years wouldn’t accelerate onto Green Bay’s 2023 salary cap. It would be a 2024 cap charge. The Packers would free up $15.79 million of cap space. There would be $15,833,570 in dead money, a salary cap charge for a player no longer on a team’s roster, from the bonus proration relating to Rodgers’ 2023 contract year. There would be $24.48 million of dead money in 2024 from the 2024 through 2026 bonus proration.”

The question remains, though: Does that fit Rodgers timeline?

NFL rumors: Packers could make Aaron Rodgers decision soon

Green Bay’s front office does have to discuss Aaron Rodgers future with the quarterback himself. That should be a tough conversation, one way or another.

Preferably, the Packers will know Rodgers intentions prior to the NFL Draft, or NFL free agency in just a few weeks. It would allow them to mold their team in Jordan Love’s image, rather than relying on Rodgers and a dominant passing game. Love has a much different style and approach. The offense wouldn’t be all that similar.

Rodgers has taken a note from his former mentor, Brett Favre, in taking his sweet time to make a decision.

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