Jalen Carter faces charges in car accident that killed Georgia teammate

Former Georgia Bulldogs star Jalen Carter reportedly was involved in the fatal car accident involving his teammate in January. He has been charged with racing and reckless driving, per police.

Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, former Georgia Bulldog and projected top-5 NFL Draft pick Jalen Carter was present at the scene of a fatal car accident involving his teammate, Devin Willock, as well as UGA staffer Chandler LeCroy. The accident occurred in January.

The police report states that Carter left the scene prior to when medical personnel and police arrived 90 minutes later. Carter admitted to driving alongside the car which crashed. This reportedly happened after Carter initially suggested he was nearly a mile away at the point of impact.

That car was tracked going 83 MPH, nearly twice the legal limit, when the crash occurred. Per police, ‘excessive speed’ was a contributing factor to the accident.

Georgia football: Jalen Carter faces charges

Carter allegedly misled police in two ways if the police report stands true. He reportedly initially told police that he was nearly a mile away when the crash occurred. Eventually, he stated that he was driving next to Willock and LeCroy.

The police reportedly pressed Carter, asking if he had been racing with his Georgia teammate. Carter denied that assertion. However, Carter is the subject of an arrest warrant issued by police on Wednesday.


Carter will not work out at the NFL Combine this week, but was expected to meet with teams. His legal team has yet to submit a statement as to his innocence, but we will update the story when that becomes available to the public. He was scheduled to speak to the media at 10:30 a.m. ET, but instead turned down the opportunity given the recent new.

The Georgia Bulldogs star is expected to be a top-5 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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