NFL 2020 Week Sixteen predictions

NFL 2020 Week sixteen predictions

Week 16 is last chance saloon for some teams as the pressure goes up yet another notch. This week begins with a Christmas day clash between NFC rivals Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints.

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NFL 2020 Week Fifteen predictions

NFL 2020 Week fifteen predictions

We head into week 15 with a lot on the line for NFL’s play-off hopefuls. It’s all about who can hold their nerve and carry some momentum over these last few games.

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NFL 2020 Week Fourteen predictions:

NFL 2020 Week fourteen predictions

If we ever needed proof that NFL games are hard to pick then last week was another great example. Who saw Washington beating the undefeated Steelers? Or the Browns racking up 41 points in a win over the Titans? Well I did get one of those two correct!

Here are my NFL 2020 Week fourteen predictions: (more…)

NFL 2020 Week Thirteen Predictions

NFL 2020 Week thirteen predictions

Due to more COVID-19 related issues, Thursday night football is cancelled this week. But looking ahead to Sunday we still have some great matches to look forward to as the New Orlean Saints travel to the Atlanta Falcons and the Tennessee Titans face the Cleveland Brown – and that’s just for starters!

Here are my NFL 2020 Week 13 predictions: (more…)

NFL 2020 Week Twelve Predictions

NFL 2020 Week twelve predictions

Pittsburgh Steelers versus Baltimore Ravens looks like the game of the week although it has been moved from to the weekend due to COVID reasons. Instead the Thanksgiving games will be the slightly less exciting Houston Texans at Detroit Lions and Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys.

Here are my NFL Week 12 predictions: (more…)