Why does everyone say Kirk Cousins sucks in primetime?

For those who say Kirk Cousins cannot play in primetime, here is all the proof you will need.

Brace yourselves, Minnesota Vikings fans. Kirk Cousins is about to make another start on Monday Night Football. Ooh-wee!

This has been Cousins’ bugaboo throughout his NFL career. In the early-afternoon window, we usually like that. Though he has played well in big spots vs. the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints, Cousins tends to shrink in standalone games. Monday Night Football is special now with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the call. As for Cousins, he might rather die on the field…

Be sure to hold your nose for this one, as Cousins’ Monday Night Football record absolutely stinks!

You don’t like that?!, as in Kirk Cousins’ abysmal Monday Night Football record

Instead of getting it out of the way on Sunday, Cousins brings his case of the Mondays into primetime more often than not. His 2-9 record on Monday Night Football reeks of big time Gus Bradley Duvalian vibes, bruh! The good news now is he is not playing for Mike Zimmer any more, or god forbid the Washington Football Team two nicknames ago. Can he buck this trend, though?

With Minnesota having no issues with the Packers last week, it signifies the Vikings can beat anybody in the NFC. Then again, this game was at home and Cousins has had great success vs. Aaron Rodgers in his playing career. While the Philadelphia Eagles are certainly a beatable team, this game is at Lincoln Financial Field and it is in primetime. It is not going to be easy for Cousins.

Ultimately, a win over The Birds in the City of Brotherly Love will go a long way in helping change Cousins’ awful primetime narrative. He is the better quarterback over his counterpart in Jalen Hurts. On a neutral-site, one could argue that the Vikings are the better team. However, this game is in Philadelphia, which probably tips it in the Eagles’ favor. Again, a win here will shift the focus.

Cousins just needs to pretend Buck and Aikman still work at FOX and this game is on a Sunday.

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