Trevon Diggs critics are awfully quiet after shut-down of Ja’Marr Chase

The Dallas Cowboys pulled out a win against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, and Trevon Diggs played a big part in shutting Ja’Marr Chase down.

Sometimes, when you prove the haters wrong, the satisfying sound is just silence. Trevon Diggs is experiencing that on Monday after an incredible, lockdown performance on Sunday afternoon that helped his Dallas Cowboys take home a W in surprise fashion against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Diggs led the league in interceptions (11) last year but was blasted frequently for relatively poor coverage. In a way, it was impressive he grabbed so many interceptions in his sophomore season in spite of his lackluster coverage. Pro Football Focus, for instance, graded him poorly last year because he gave up considerable yardage when covering.

There are those on the other side of the debate as well.

On Sunday, though, there was no debate. He did his job:

Notably, his opponent was pretty loud coming into the game:

This also aged quite poorly:

Trevon Diggs has kept the haters silent for a while now

Coming into the season, Trevon Diggs actually logged off social media, citing the toxicity of social media as the reason why. So on his end, the haters have been quiet for weeks. We can go ahead and guess at least part of what he’s getting at when he labels social media as “toxic” is the criticism of his game that bubbles to the surface on Twitter and other apps.

I mean, what more does a guy have to do when he’s grabbing double-digit interceptions?

Speaking on “haters,” here’s what he had to say to SI:

“I feel like that’s what comes with it. Hate comes with success,” he said. “I don’t put it past somebody. Everyone is obligated to their own opinion. All I can do is control what I can control on the field and let my play speak for itself. I can’t respond to everybody; I can’t reply to everybody. So I’d rather say nothing at all just perform on the field.”

Perform on the field he did.

Diggs has yet to log an interception this year, but has nine total tackles (8 solo). If he shuts down receivers like he did Chase yesterday, the haters won’t have very much to talk about, and he could be on his way to his second Pro Bowl appearance.

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