Vernon Davis says Alex Smith is ‘someone I’d like to model my life after’

Prior to the start of the 2022 NFL season, former San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis talked about his love for Alex Smith, The Catch III and more.

For Vernon Davis, there’s The Catch III, and the Cosmo Catch.

This week, Davis talked about both in an exclusive interview with FanSided national NFL reporter Matt Verderame on the Stacking The Box Podcast. Working with Smirnoff, the two-time Pro Bowl tight end dished on what former NFL quarterback and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith means to him, his emotions following The Catch III, and his favorite cocktail.

“My favorite quarterback to play with would probably be Alex Smith,” Davis said. “I played with him and had the longest tenure with him. I feel like we had such great times, great games, wonderful experiences and we made a lot of plays together, so definitely going to have to go with Alex Smith.”

Davis continued to say the two spoke throughout Smith’s journey back to full health after gruesomely breaking his leg for Washington in Nov. 2019 against the Houston Texans.

“Such a crazy process for him,” Davis said. “Just watching him, being there, going to the hospital, checking up on him. My heart went out to Alex and his family. But knowing Alex, I knew he was going to get through it because he’s a trooper. He’s the most resilient man I’ve ever met in my life. That goes back to our days in San Francisco when he was benched and didn’t get back in because they were going with Colin Kaepernick, because they were going with the hot hand. Then letting him go to the Kansas City Chiefs. That dude right there is someone I’d like to model my life after.”

Davis is repping Smirnoff’s campaign to find a Cocktail Coordinator, with the winner flying curtest the company to Super Bowl LVII before attending the game. When asked about his favorite cocktail, it was an easy answer for Davis.

“The Cosmo Catch,” Davis said. “It’s a great drink. If you’ve never had it,  you need to try it. Will change your life, you’ll be drinking it everywhere.”

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