Kay Adams believes in Chiefs, shares wild Super Bowl memory

FanDuel’s Kay Adams stopped by the Stacking The Box Podcast and had good things to say about the Kansas City Chiefs, while also sharing a crazy Super Bowl story.

Kay Adams is conflicted. She believes in the Kansas City Chiefs, but loves the Los Angeles Chargers.

Speaking to national NFL reporter Matt Verderame on FanSided’s Stacking The Box Podcast while promoting Smirnoff’s Cocktail Coordinator campaign, Adams talked about what many believe is the best division in football. Ultimately, she’s conflicted on who win the crown.

“Are the Chargers going to win the West?” Adams said. “I’ve been talking about the Chargers for so long! Are they going to beat the Chiefs? That would be insane.”

Kay Adams believes in the Kansas City Chiefs, loves Los Angeles Chargers

In Vegas sportsbooks, the Chiefs are the favorites to win the division for a seventh straight year. However, Los Angeles is the top challenger after adding corner J.C. Jackson and edge rusher Khalil Mack to one of the league’s best rosters.

However, Adams, who worked for Kansas City during the 2021 preseason, believes in the organization.

“It’s the same kind of curiosity you have about the Packers,” said Adams about the 2022 Chiefs. “… What are they going to look like, New England when Tom Brady was there? I’m not sure. I trust the organization so much. … They are so invested in Patrick (Mahomes), and Patrick is so invested in that team. … It’s kind of a copout answer, but it’s Patrick Mahomes. What are we doing? Of course I have faith in them. But it’s getting tougher.”

As for the wild Super Bowl story, watch the video above and check it out.

Adams also talked about why she’s working with Smirnoff while it searches for a Cocktail Coordinator, the Best Job in America. You can apply today at BestJobInAmerica.Smirnoff.com. The winner? They’ll show the world their best Smirnoff cocktail recipe, then board a private jet bound for Super Bowl LVII as Smirnoff’s guest of honor.

“I’m excited for the season and I’m really, really thrilled to be partnering with Smirnoff this year because they are all about fun, embracing every moment, joy, being together and letting those libations flow. We are on a search, we’re looking for a Cocktail Coordinator. What is that? That’s the person when you walk into a gameday or a party on Sunday, that’s the person who (you say) ‘I don’t want you to make my drink, I want you to make my drink.’”

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