Tyreek Hill is already Moss’ing defenders in Miami (Video)

Tyreek Hill stuns with a spectacular catch during his Miami Dolphins debut versus their AFC East rival, the New England Patriots. 

In his own way, Tyreek Hill stepped into a revenge game when he set foot in Miami Gardens for Week 1.

Hill and the Miami Dolphins are facing the New England Patriots, a bitter AFC East rival for Miami, but that’s not why Hill has sought revenge. All offseason, Hill has had something to prove: that he can find success away from the Kansas City Chiefs paired with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

In a matter of hours, Hill has proven any detractors wrong. Entering the fourth quarter, Hill leads Miami’s offense in receptions by a longshot: eight grabs on 11 targets for 94 yards. Hill is averaging 11.8 yards per reception, his longest being one for 26 yards. Hill doesn’t have a touchdown yet, but he’s already become an integral part of Miami’s offense, one that Tagovailoa has leaned on as he makes his way downfield.

Hill proved once again just how far he’s willing to go for his new team, stripping a potential pick out of the grasp of rookie Patriots cornerback Jack Jones.

Tyreek Hill channels Randy Moss in incredible battle for the ball during Patriots – Dolphins

For those wondering just how Hill got his hands on the ball in that play, Bleacher Report offers a slow-motion replay.

As the announcer exclaimed, Jones was in “perfect position” to nab an interception, but Hill used his lightning-fast instincts and body control to pivot and bring the ball down with him. On top of all of that, Hill maintained possession and was ready to grab a few extra yards on the play.

If this play is an indication of what’s to come from Miami this year, the rest of the league should be put on notice. The league is used to seeing what Hill could do with Patrick Mahomes — a matchup nightmare requiring double coverage — but in Miami, Hill’s multitude of talents are still able to shine. Hill is a phenomenal deep threat, but he’s also superb at battling for yards after the catch and tripping up defensive backs.

As of now, there’s no Hill touchdown highlights harkening to the days of Randy Moss, but stealing balls out of the hands of defensive backs is signature Moss.

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