Bill Belichick assessment of Week 1 will have Patriots fans pulling hair out

Bill Belichick seems to have zero idea what’s going on with the New England Patriots this year, giving his team a good review after a 14-point Week 1 loss.

The Week 1 matchup between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins was one that felt like it could be a toss-up. The Dolphins have done OK with Tua Tagovailoa as a starter, going 13-8 with him over the last two years, but have failed to qualify for the postseason in either season.

They also brought in a new coach who has all the guts in the world according to his players, and Pro Bowl wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

On the other side, the Patriots were surprisingly good with rookie quarterback Mac Jones last season, making the playoffs and going 10-7. Despite signs of disarray in the Patriots coaching staff, it’s tough to count Bill Belichick out.

But recent comments make it a little bit easier. After the Dolphins beat the Patriots by 14 points to take the Week 1 divisional matchup, he had some interesting comments.

Bill Belichick thinks Week 1 loss was “even” game

Asked about the Week 1 loss to the Dolphins, Bill Belichick assessed the game as an “even” matchup.

That’s like saying it was a pretty “even” day of sports gambling except for the two $100 bets that I lost by one point.

Imagine this assessment in any other field. You don’t get to measure your success against “almost” and “nearly there”, the beauty of sports is you either win or you lose, there is no gray area in the final result of the game.

In that regard, we can say Belichick is sorta right and his view of the game being “even” really doesn’t matter. Whether they lost by 3 or lost by 14, it all counts the same in the loss column.

We’ll see how they turn it around Week 2 and onward. If this is how the Patriots measure success, they could be undefeated in moral victories by the end of the year!

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