Tiger Woods owns Tom Brady over new PGA Tour NFT project

Legendary Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is undoubtedly talented, but Tiger Woods won’t let him steal his shine when it comes to golfing.

Legendary Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is undoubtedly a talented player. He’s been considered one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history since making his debut in 2000, and he’s accomplished a lot on and off the field. He tested his luck at golf, and he tweeted a video of a hole-out (or at least what appears to be but has been highly contested by many social media sleuths).

Another GOAT, golf legend Tiger Woods, responded humorously to the veteran quarterback.

Brady initially responded to a Tweet from PGA Tour that promoted “exclusive digital collectibles” from the tour. Brady posted a video of his alleged hole-out in response and wrote, “As co-founder, I may need to mandate this one get added.”

The video showed Brady hitting the ball and celebrating with friends when everyone realized it went in. It then shows drone footage of his hit flying over the greens in a stunning shot.

Woods then responded to Brady with a montage of his own hole-outs and wrote, “Our team at @Autograph knows better. I remember my first hole-out. And my second. And my third. And…”

Woods’ response was certainly comical and warranted, considering he’s one of the best golfers of all time. The response was also probably good-natured. The two are both partners of Autograph.

Buccaneers star QB Tom Brady and Tiger Woods are both partners of Autograph

Brady and Woods are on a joint business venture, so Woods’ comment is likely light-hearted. Brady, however, is helping Woods with the new PGA NFT.

According to the Tour’s vice president of media business development Chris Wandell, “It’s a program designed to put money directly in players’ pockets. It is setup in a way to reward the most popular players and those who are actively marketing their own NFTs. We really want players to lean in and talk about this stuff.”

With Brady having direct involvement, he’s helping promote PGA and Woods, as well as bring in more revenue. It’s implied that he and Woods have a decent relationship if he’s doing so.

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