Super Bowl 57 picks, bold predictions, NFL Week 1 lines and more

In this episode of the Stacking The Box Podcast, Sterling Holmes and Matt Verderame make Super Bowl 57 picks, talk Week 1 lines and more.

We’ve finally made it. The 2022 NFL season is here.

On Tuesday afternoon, FanSided’s Stacking The Box Podcast went deep into the predictions, with host Sterling Holmes and national reporter Matt Verderame making their Super Bowl picks.

For Holmes and Verderame, the Buffalo Bills came out on top, with the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers being the NFC champs, respectively. However, the pairing split on their bold predictions for the upcoming campaigns, and both were passionate about who they think might pleasantly surprise in 2022, and who could bitterly disappoint.

If you’d like to watch the entire episode, head over to the Stacking The Box YouTube page, subscribe, and then enjoy! If you’d rather listen, you can also do that, with the timestamps provided accordingly:


2:23 – Super Bowl picks/ Rams worries
7:50 – Surprises & disappointments
11:23 – Chargers Overhyped?
16:00 – Touch on Bengals
19:10 – Kyler Murray is a Big Baby
23:12–  Patriots will have double digit losses
27:44 – Heisler’s best Week 1 bets
42:50 – Bills Pessimism?
47:30 – Week 1 locks, Jets suck

In the show’s latter half, BetSided’s Ben Heisler joins the program for his weekly visit to discuss the Week 1 lines, and what underdogs he likes to cover. Heisler really likes the New York Giants to handle the line against the Tennessee Titans in their opener at Nissan Stadium.

Finally, Verderame dishes on why yoga isn’t his thing, and how he’s still haunted by a terrible boxing episode years ago in a Chicago gym. Also, throw out your rakes! Verderame has the answers for those of you who can’t stand gathering leaves.

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