Ravens social media manager needs huge raise after mascot injury update

Ravens give hilarious injury update for mascot Poe.

On Saturday, the Baltimore Ravens mascot was carted off the field due to an injury sustained in a playful game between mascots and some kids.

Yes, that really happened.

It took fans a moment to realize the man (or woman) behind the mascot was legitimately injured and it wasn’t just a fun part of the halftime show.

Now, after numerous well-wishes, the team has announced an update on Poe and it’s pretty hilarious.

Ravens hilarious injury update for mascot Poe is the best NFL news you’ll see

“Thanks for all your concerned tweets,” they tweeted. “Poe took some damage to his drumstick and ruffled some feathers last night during his Mascot Classic. We’ll continue to share updates on Poe’s status, but he’s resting comfortably in his perch awaiting further test results.”

The absolute best part of all of this was the head stayed on the entire time. No one’s dreams were crushed and the mystery of Poe lives on.

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