NFL Twitter wants brain bleach after watching woeful Cowboys offense

The Dallas Cowboys owe their fans and the Monday Night Football audience an apology for the way their offense played against the Giants.

NFL Twitter definitely doesn’t follow the old advice that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

We know that because Twitter had only mean things to say about the Cowboys‘ offensive performance against the Giants on Monday Night Football.

None of it was particularly unfair either. Dallas didn’t manage to score a touchdown until the final seconds of the third quarter. They dropped passes, missed field goals and generally looked a mess.

NFL Twitter wants brain bleach after being exposed to woeful Cowboys offense

Mind you, the Giants’ defense was playing without defensive lineman Leonard Williams because of an MCL sprain. They still made life miserable for Rush and the Cowboys’ offense.

The Cowboys are still playing without Dak Prescott, whose injury in the season opener was definitely a setback for the offense. However, Prescott and company scored just three points against the Buccaneers and it’s clear that just getting the starting quarterback back won’t solve all the problems.

Dallas is certainly under fire for their decision to trade Amari Cooper to the Browns. While the receiver is thriving in Cleveland, the Cowboys look like they could use a reliable receiver like him. Instead, they’re having to rely on pass catchers who haven’t done a great job of stepping up to the plate so far.

At least the rushing attack looked effective. Ezekiel Elliott scored at the goal line while Tony Pollard broke loose for a 46-yard run. However, a capable run game only works if you’re willing to ride it.

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