ManningCast breaks down the Butt Punt with Pat McAfee

With Pat McAfee as a guest on the ManningCast, Peyton and Eli Manning asked for a break down of the Butt Punt in the Miami Dolphins-Buffalo Bills game.

One of the wildest games of Week 3 was between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. Not only because of the Dolphins hanging on to defeat the Bills 21-19, but for the now famous Butt Punt. Thomas Morstead attempted to punt the ball out of end zone, but it hit his blocker, Trent Schefield, right in the butt. It fell out of bounds in the back of the end zone, falling for a safety.

On Monday night, the ManningCast was on for the New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys game, but Peyton and Eli Manning asked guest and former NFL punter Pat McAfee to break down the Butt Punt.

ManningCast, Pat McAfee break down the Butt Punt

They highlighted the play itself, and the tweets that Schefield sent and received.

The Bills got the safety and a chance to kick a game-winning field goal. With18-seconds left in regulation, quarterback Josh Allen connected with wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie for a 12-yard gain to set them up in field goal range. However, McKenzie fell in bounds. Buffalo attempted to spike the ball to stop the clock, but they ran out of time.

That led to the Dolphins winning, and Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey throwing his notebook and tablet against the table in the coaches box.

The Dolphins picked up the win, Butt Punt and all. Now, they are the only undefeated team remaining in the AFC.

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