NFL insider savages Daniel Jones over reported asking price

Daniel Jones is reported to want a sizable paycheck in NFL free agency this offseason, and one insider thinks the Giants should let him walk.

How much is a starting NFL quarterback who has won a single NFL playoff game worth? According to Daniel Jones’ wishes, $45 million.

That’s what the New York Giants quarterback is rumored to be seeking in NFL free agency this offseason. It’s a real request. Don’t laugh.

Peter King gave his thoughts on the matter, and boy are they bold!

“I think if I’m Giants GM Joe Schoen, and Daniel Jones is asking for $45 million a year — and I truly don’t know if he is — I’m shaking his hand, wishing him good luck finding it somewhere and franchising him.”

King didn’t hold back.

Daniel Jones debate is more nuanced than you think

When you survey the field, you’ll find people on one of two sides. There’s the side willing to rationalize exorbitant contracts for starter-level quarterbacks that have proven even the slightest propensity to lead a winning team. Those folks will tell you it’s “just the price you have to pay” to get a winning QB in free agency.

Perhaps that’s true.

Then, there’s the other side, who will tell you it’s outrageous for semi-proven quarterbacks like Jones to ask for such a payment.

The main reason the dollars Jones wants are viewed by some as crazy is the context around it. It puts him alongside Kyler Murray, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen, who all make between $43 and $46.1 million average per year on their current deals.

Obviously, Jones is not as good as those quarterbacks, at least not yet.

The other needed context is how frequently the chains move on quarterback contracts.

Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence have earned substantial extensions that will likely be two of the league’s largest in history. Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Fields, and Mac Jones could get major extensions, too.

Then, there’s the Lamar Jackson question mark, which could singlehandedly topple the entire QB market if it goes the way Jackson wants.

This year, $45 million is a big ask for Jones. But in a year or two? That contract might look more like today’s $35 million. That’s more tenable for Jones.

Unfortunately, he’s negotiating today, not next year. Unless his agent can get crafty with a team and find a way to dramatically backload or frontload a deal to afford them incredible flexibility in certain years of the contract, Jones probably won’t get it.

His more likely path to a $45 million deal is taking a shorter-term deal and re-entering the market in two-to-three years once it’s grown. If you recall, that’s essentially what Kirk Cousins did to earn his substantial AAV with the Vikings. That said, it was not his choice… Cousins got franchise tagged for two consecutive seasons.

A franchise tag for Jones is not out of the question, by the way. In fact, it’s quite likely.

If Jones wants long-term security now, he’ll need to take a cut off his desires.

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