Micah Parsons needs to sack Tom Brady straight into retirement

Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons is ready to chase Tom Brady around the field, and perhaps make him regret his NFL comeback.

Parsons’ comment, posted below, is seen more as a sign of respect for Brady than a direct shot at him.

The Cowboys face the Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football to start NBC’s Week 1 slate, and while it should be an entertaining game, the matchup of Parsons against the Bucs offensive line (and perhaps Brady should he get past the initial line of defense) will be one to watch for.

“We got to get him out of this league,” Parsons said, per The Athletic’s Jon Machota. “He’s been dominating this league too long. … He wants to kill you. He wants to step on your throat like you’re a roach.”

Cowboys: Micah Parsons’ comment on Tom Brady is sign of respect

Getting rid of Brady won’t be that easy — trust us, he’s been at this for 45 years. But a hard sack or two could make a difference, along with everything else going on in his personal life.

Brady announced he was retiring from football this offseason after the Buccaneers lost in the postseason to the eventual Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. That retirement didn’t last long, however, as Brady eventually came back.

Yes, just a short few weeks without football was enough to make Brady regret his decision.

“I’ve seen the Hulk get beat up,” Parsons continued. “I’ve seen Thor get beat up. I’ve seen Captain America get beat up. But they always get back up and find a way to get to their destination. … (Brady) gets beat up, but he gets back up.”

As much as Brady has been knocked down over the course of his decades-long NFL career, he always gets back up. In fact, he does so with the best of them.

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