Dominique Foxworth goes at Chicago Bears fans after Justin Fields take

Dominique Foxworth quickly went at Chicago Bears fans, who fired back at his latest Justin Fields hot take. 

At some point, the blatant disrespect by pundits towards Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears needs to stop. That includes ESPN’s Dominique Foxworth.

The ESPN analyst added to the continuous Chicago Bears degradation parade of the 2022 offseason by going on a podcast and stating that quarterback Justin Fields should demand a trade while bringing up the “lack of moves” the Bears did in the offseason.

Needless to say, Bears fans clapped back, as did Foxworth, who, by looking at his tweets, was a bit childish in his remarks.

Hoping the 49ers hang 50 on the Bears? Because Bears fans responded? Is this seriously what someone is willing to tweet? This is laughable. Also, it’s just the continuation of an offseason-long narrative about how the Bears are “doomed to be the worst in the league.”

Look no further than Week 2 of the preseason. Dan Orlovsky and Louis Riddick discussed the Bears so-called depressing outlook while not paying attention to the actual game at hand.

Chicago Bears fans clapped back at Dominique Foxworth

Here’s the bottom line: While it has certainly gotten to a point where almost any comment from pundits and commentators about the Bears (Foxworth included) is a piece of over-exaggerated doom and gloom, Bears fans should do a couple of things.

One, ignore this noise because it really does not matter. It’s just a herd or flock of blind pessimism that doesn’t usually provide context. Two, if indeed this is too agitating to bare, no pun intended, save the receipts.

Once a trend starts, it’s hard to stop unless proven incorrect. That would mean the Bears are winning games against teams they supposedly have no shot against. We just saw what Cincinnati did last season, and even they won’t get credit. Moreover, it should be known that next offseason, the Bears will have a lot of cap space to work with and some draft capital.

There’s no point in screaming back if you are a Chicago Bears fan. Let the play on the field do the talking.

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