Bears cornerback wants his respect, looks to finally get it in 2022

Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson thinks very highly of himself and is now out to prove that to his critics in 2022. 

There’s no question that Jaylon Johnson and the Chicago Bears are feeling very disrespected heading into the 2022 NFL Season.

Prognosticators have said, some with humor in their voice, that the Bears would be the worst team in the NFL, and the disrespect has moved from television to national broadcasts, to articles.

That doesn’t seem to matter to Johnson, who considers himself one of the top cornerbacks in the league. Moreover, he sounds determined to teach a lesson to those doubting him and the Bears.

Johnson is not viewed as a top cornerback in the league, mainly due to the lack of turnovers he has created, which can be fair. But if we look beyond the numbers, Johnson’s impact on the game when he plays for the Bears is underrated and deserves more attention.

Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson does not lack confidence and vows to prove his worth in 2022.

The Chicago Bears are under a new regime and have no expectations, except from those who continuously say the Bears will be the worst team in the league. That can change, provided Chicago goes out and win games.

That will take time, though, and possibly a bit of luck. The roster isn’t exactly (at least on paper) enough for experts and analysts to possibly revise their initial views. In all likelihood, it would take a run like Cincinnati’s in 2021 to start garnering respect.

Still, bragging and having confidence are two entirely different scenarios. The latter applies to Johnson. He knows he still has a lot to prove in a new defensive system where he will be looked at as a player expected to run the defense to an exact science. Still, having a chip on your shoulder helps when looking to make a statement.

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