Lamar Jackson and OBJ partied in Miami after he signed with the Ravens

New Ravens offensive duo Lamar Jackson and Odell Beckham Jr. were spotted partying it up in Miami after OBJ’s signing.

“Lamar Jackson visits Miami” is a breaking news story in the making, but “Lamar Jackson visits Miami to party with OBJ” is just the sound of a good time.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback and newly minted wideout were spotted at a club together in Miami, and they probably would have passed by as average club-goers had it not been for, well, the giant neon sign.

Beckham was wearing a cap and enjoying the music and vibes without a care in the world. Jackson, the grumpy Debbie Downer, sat next to him in a beanie, hunched over with his head on his hands.

Why the long face? Just a guess, but it probably has to do with his ongoing contract negotiations with the Ravens and his lack of serious suitors this offseason.

Beckham got his $15 million deal (up to $18 million) with a whopping $13 million signing bonus, Jackson can only sit and wait for his own chunk of change.

Lamar Jackson and Odell Beckham Jr. go out for a night of unadulterated fun

The 2019 MVP previously turned down a contract containing $133 million guaranteed and continues to be on shaky ground with the franchise, especially after the blindsiding stunt he pulled a few weeks ago.

Baltimore signing OBJ would appear to be a peace offering of sorts: the team went out and got Jackson a top wideout, and in return Jackson will hopefully play in 2023 on the exclusive franchise tag or — fingers crossed — reach an extension with the team.

Beckham only signed a one-year deal with the Ravens, so he’s not the team’s long-term solution at the wide receiver position by any means. Still, he’ll provide the deep threat that the Ravens have been desperately looking for in recent years — no more asking DeSean Jackson or other vets to leave the comfort of their couches.

With Beckham, Rashod Bateman, and Mark Andrews, the Ravens’ new-look passing attack under former Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken has the potential to usher in a more successful era in Baltimore that’s not just about achieving winning records. The Super Bowl is the ultimate goal, and to get there next season the Ravens will need their trusty starting quarterback to shake off his hurt feelings and play the best football of his life.

It’s nice to see Jackson building some comradery with his potential favorite target of 2023, even if Jackson doesn’t seem all that happy in the club. And who knows? Maybe this one-year fling will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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