Predicting 6 teams interested in trading with Arizona Cardinals

Jonathan Gannon, Arizona Cardinals

Jonathan Gannon, Arizona Cardinals. (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

Let’s figure out what six teams are interested in moving up to No. 3 with the Arizona Cardinals.

Apparently, there are at least six NFL teams who are interested in trading up to No. 3 in a deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

Although the Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans could technically move back, don’t count on it. Odds are, they will be the new employers of top quarterback prospects Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud. What makes the Cardinals’ pick so valuable is they do not need a quarterback. They have Kyler Murray and the No. 3 pick. With nearly a quarter of the NFL interested, they must move back.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter indicated that there is at least six teams who want to move up to No. 3.

Here are half a dozen teams who could be in the market to trade up to the third pick with Arizona.

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Indianapolis Colts

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts want to avoid being leapfrogged at all costs to land a star QB

I don’t think any team is in a worse spot picking in the top 10 than the Indianapolis Colts. They need to draft a franchise quarterback in the worst way possible. Although they could stand pat at No. 4 and get one, there is a chance it may be QB4. If Arizona gets a favorable offer from someone else, the Colts could get leapfrogged and have to settle for probably Will Levis or Hendon Hooker.

In truth, history may repeat itself in Indianapolis with the Colts drafting quite possibly the next Jeff George in Levis. However, they may really want Anthony Richardson. Let’s hope he is better than Trent Richardson. This is why the Cardinals have the Colts between a rock and a hard place in the trade negotiation process. If the Las Vegas Raiders give them a better offer, they will go to No. 3.

If the Colts are cool with Levis, then don’t trade up and rescind precious draft capital to rebuild your lousy football team. Should they want Richardson more than Jim Irsay wants to hoist another Lombardi Trophy, then let’s make a deal with Arizona. Of course, division rival Houston could totally screw them over by trading out of No. 2. Keep in mind the Texans do have two top-12 picks.

You would be lying to yourself if you do not feel the desperation emanating from Indianapolis.

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