Jimmy Garoppolo just freed Dan Orlovsky from his QB safety nightmare

Jimmy Garoppolo accidentally ran out of the back of the endzone for a safety just like Dan Orlovsky and the ex-Lions quarterback is glad for the company.

There’s a small brotherhood of NFL QBs who have committed a safety by accidentally running out of the back of the endzone and Jimmy Garoppolo is now part of it.

The 49ers quarterback made the blunder on Sunday Night Football against the Broncos.

It was actually fortunate he stepped out of bounds because the pass he heaved in desperation landed in the arms of a Denver defender who would have scored a touchdown if the play had continued.

It was the kind of play that will be synonymous with Garoppolo for the rest of his career and beyond. It’s probably going to be the play everyone thinks of when a quarterback commits a similar safety or comes close in the future.

Former Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky is stoked about that.

Jimmy Garoppolo just freed Dan Orlovsky from his QB safety nightmare


Up to this point, Orlovsky has been synonymous with the QB safety blunder. His brain fart against the Vikings was certainly memorable.

To be fair to Garoppolo, Orlovsky’s screw-up was arguably worse. He didn’t have anyone in his face. Garoppol did. On the other hand, Garoppolo threw a pick-six when he tossed the ball up blindly from the back of the endzone. So no one gets bragging rights here.

Orlovsky and Garoppolo aren’t the only quarterbacks who have made that mistake, but they’re the biggest ones to do it in moments that were sure to stick in the memory.

Now, they’ll share the title as the safety kings of the NFL.

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