49ers trolled Russell Wilson with goal line Super Bowl Play

Unlike Super Bowl XLIX, Russell Wilson saw a pass play on the goal line executed for a touchdown by the 49ers and got trolled. 

Russell Wilson has accomplished great things in his NFL career, but perhaps the most infamous moment he was a part of was his interception at the goal line thrown to Malcolm Butler that cost the Seahawks another ring.

The 49ers made sure to remind him of that as they faced Wilson and his new team, the Denver Broncos, on Sunday night.

On the touchdown pass to Brandon Aiyuk in the first quarter, Jimmy Garoppolo ran the same goal-line formation and play that the Patriots stole the ball away from. Coincidentally, Garoppolo was a backup on that Patriots team and was on the sideline for the play. This time, he showed Wilson how it’s done.

Yes, a missed pass interference call was shown, but nonetheless, San Francisco ran the play, and Wilson was trolled for it. The 49ers saw it work, but Wilson, then with the Seahawks, saw what happens when it goes wrong.

49ers troll Russell Wilson with goal line touchdown on same play that cost Seahawks a Super Bowl

It doesn’t seem like Russell Wilson can ever escape that play, just like how Matt Ryan will likely never escape 28-3. Had the Seahawks run the ball with Marshawn Lynch and still lost the game, while it would have hurt, no one with the Seahawks would have been mad at Wilson and forgiven him.

Instead, he threw it, and it wasn’t incomplete. It was intercepted, and it sealed the game for Tom Brady and the Patriots. Plus, Jimmy Garoppolo got his first ring due to the play. Now, he showed Wilson how to run it and run it right.

Some things never change. Moreover, when it goes right, everyone is happy. When it doesn’t, one party leaves unhappy and will be subjected to trolling and ridicule till the end of time. In this case, it’s Russell Wilson, and the 49ers got to do it on national television, on NBC nonetheless, who had that Super Bowl. Picture perfect.

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