Jameis Winston schools Saints reporters on human anatomy with a nursery rhyme

New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston gave an anatomy lesson at a press conference.

The New Orleans Saints begin their season on Sunday, Sept. 11, when they take on the Atlanta Falcons. Starting under center for the Saints for the second consecutive season is Jameis Winston, but will do so after recovering from a torn ACL and MCL damage in Week 8 last year. Despite the injury, the team re-signed him to a one-year contract.

In the days ahead of the game, Winston spoke to the media about his health, and decided to give a lesson in anatomy, and explained why the human body is “so symmetrical.” This will probably be the best thing you’ll hear today.

Jameis Winston’s anatomy lesson is fascinating

Well, there you have it.

Winston joined the Saints back in 2020 after beginning his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the 2015 first-overall pick. After sitting behind Drew Brees for the 2020 campaign, Winston won the starting job for 2021, and he performed admirably. The turnovers that plagued him early on in his career were diminished through the first eight weeks of the season.

But facing against the Buccaneers, Winston was brought down on a horse collar, causing his knee to bend awkwardly. It was then revealed that he tore his ACL and suffered damage to his MCL.

In seven games, Winston threw for 1,170 yards, 14 touchdowns, and three interceptions while completing 59.0-percent of his passes.

Now, Winston enters what is an even more favorable situation than last year. Of course, the 2021 wide receiver corps was far from ideal. Now, Winston has Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, and rookie Chris Olave to target downfield.

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