Data proves Tom Brady roughing the passer call narrative is pure saltiness

The Twitter world and sports world are crying about how Tom Brady gets all the roughing the passer calls. Nice try because the data and history suggest otherwise. 

Cry me a river, or run to Twitter and type out the tears. That seems to be the normal reaction when a penalty helps Tom Brady win.

Against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, a roughing the passer call on Grady Jarrett when he sacked Brady gave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers an automatic first down and ultimately helped avoid a furious comeback in a 21-15 win over Atlanta.

Naturally, the sports world flipped out and proceeded to run to Twitter, a podcast, or a microphone, to voice frustration on how Brady always gets the calls, the game is rigged, and so forth.

Here’s the bottom line. You’re wrong, and here’s why you’re wrong. The data shows otherwise.

Was it a bad call? No doubt. But to sit there and cry and spew a false narrative? That seems relatively common in this day and age.

Tom Brady got bailed out by a bad call, but the narrative that he gets all the roughing-the-passer calls is preposterous blasphemy.

It seems relatively common, doesn’t it? Tom Brady wins, and the complaints start to fly that he gets preferential treatment. Yet, if memory serves, others have been given similar treatment and not much of a peep. How is that?

The answer is quite simple. Envy, jealousy, etc. All the ingredients of what the sports world has become. Yes, it was a bad call, but it doesn’t join the narrative as many would wish to believe. Also, the entire game against Atlanta wasn’t a good look for Tampa Bay regarding officiating.

That said, again, it was a bad call and hurt the Falcons. But it didn’t necessarily cost them the game. They still had to go down the field to win the game, and maybe they would have won or lost. We don’t know.

But don’t try to conjugate this narrative that Tom Brady gets all the calls. It’s weak, and frankly, it’s getting boring.

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