Buffalo Bills offense still has 1 obvious flaw, and we all know what it is

The Buffalo Bills may be Super Bowl favorites, but they still have a glaring problem offensively.

Although the Buffalo Bills eked out a tough road win over the Baltimore Ravens, the same offensive issue remains.

While Josh Allen is arguably the most talented player at any position in the NFL today, he cannot be Mr. Everything in Buffalo’s offense in perpetuity for the rest of time. Interestingly enough, Baltimore has similar issues with its star quarterback Lamar Jackson. Eventually, Allen is going to need a ground game he can lean on outside of himself. Otherwise, he will be the next Dan Marino.

Once again, Allen led the Bills in rushing with 70 yards on 11 carries and one trip to pay dirt.

Buffalo Bills have to figure out how to run the football better without Josh Allen

Although the coaching staff likes Devin Singletary a whole bunch, there is a reason why he went to Florida Atlantic. You forget that he is Buffalo’s starting running back half the time. While Zack Moss was part of Utah’s Hallandale trio from his college days, he has not been notable since turning pro. Buffalo used a second-round pick on James Cook out of Georgia, Dalvin’s little brother.

Can the Bills get to and win the Super Bowl with their offense as is? Potentially, but keep in mind that the AFC is a gauntlet and their former offensive coordinator Brian Daboll has his New York Giants at 3-1. Ken Dorsey may have to stop having conniption fits in the booth, but he has the great fortune of having Allen as his starting quarterback. Of course, Allen has to be used wisely.

In short, an offense this Allen-centric is not sustainable long-term. While it serves the Bills to be all-in on Allen for as long as possible, they will run into a defensive coordinator who will take away the pass in the postseason. It happens to everybody. Although Allen can use his frame and agility to his advantage in the ground game, running quarterbacks rarely age gracefully in this league.

The sooner the Bills can put a Pro Bowler in the backfield with Allen, the better off Buffalo will be.

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