Broncos assistant talked Nathaniel Hackett out of disastrous decision

Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett almost made another awful decision against the San Francisco 49ers.

Hackett and the Broncos hired a time management coach of sorts in Jerry Rosburg this week, as the first-time head man had a tough time dealing with the ins and outs of in-game strategy. In due time, he will learn, but for now Hackett has an extra hand to help out when the situation calls for it.

Against the 49ers on Sunday Night Football, Rosburg convinced Hackett NOT to go for it on fourth down from his own 34-yard line. While some fans in Denver would’ve liked that aggressiveness, that’s far too close to his own goal line to make such a rash decision.

I don’t care if it’s fourth and inches. Going for it from your own 34-yard line is a rather large mistake that can backfire instantly, especially given how the Broncos were moving the ball on Sunday night.

Broncos new system works for Nathaniel Hackett

Hackett seems like a nice guy, but he still has plenty to prove. Through three weeks, he’s made some truly awful decisions, and his offense has looked putrid. Hackett’s gimmick is supposed to be just that — offense — and all the pieces have yet to gel.

Thankfully for Denver, they remain 2-1 and tied for the AFC West lead, somehow.

Hackett praised the play of quarterback Russell Wilson postgame, stating simply, “when we needed it, he did it.” The Denver head coach is a simple man, and one who won over Aaron Rodgers’ heart in Green Bay. Perhaps he can do the same in Denver, despite only managing 11 points this week.

Wilson focused on praising the 49ers, rather than discussing his own team’s shortcomings.

“We knew that was a great football team,” Wilson said. “That’s a Super Bowl-caliber football team on the other side. How they play defense, they’re coached really well and everything else.”

Time will tell if Denver can right the ship. If not, eventually these wins will turn into losses.

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