Will Levis Favorite for No. 2, Jalen Hurts’ Cap Numbers Drop, Justin Herbert Recovering From Labrum Surgery, and More

After weeks trending on months of a relatively quiet NFL Draft cycle, everything has been turned on its head. Since Bryce Young became the favorite to be the top pick, everything is different. NFL news and rumors are spreading like wildfire, and those rumors have weight immediately after the first pick, which seems like a relative lock at this point.

For a long while, many have believed the draft starts with the Arizona Cardinals’ third pick. That’s wrong. At least, it has become wrong. The NFL Draft starts at pick 2, chaos will ensue, and we’ll all be more entertained for it.

NFL News and Rumors

Monday was a wild day in football. Of the 32 franchises, 27 began voluntary offseason workouts. Odd on the second pick in the NFL Draft have changed drastically. Jalen Hurts had the Brinks truck show up, and Justin Herbert is recovering from shoulder surgery and may not be ready for OTAs.

Houston Texans Want Out of Second Pick?

NFL Draft Analyst Lance Zierlein believes so. Zierlein isn’t just a draft analyst for NFL.com, however. His background is in radio in the Houston area, and his Rolodex for the area is massive. So if he says something about the Texans, it’s worth considering at the very least.

When asked about Houston’s plans on Twitter Monday and whether they’d draft a QB, Zierlein answered. “Not anymore,” he said. “They are trying to get out of that pick.”

Texans general manager Nick Caserio also commented on the team’s pick, along with their potential willingness to move from the pick. It’s important to note that we are firmly in the midst of the lying season, and any words should be taken with a coarse grain of salt. When asked about the team’s plans, Caserio had this to say.

“So if you want to quote me … are we open for business,” Caserio responded. “I would say we’re open to listening. If you want to change the vocabulary a little bit. But we have received a few calls, and again I think our responsibility is to listen, to try and take the information, and then just make the right decision.”

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It’s impossible to know for sure his motives. However, his words suggest that the Texans would like to move back and acquire more assets. The thing is, he can’t exactly go out into the public sphere and say that.

First, it would show franchises that the Texans have reservations on the 2023 crop of QB prospects. To maximize their leverage in trade discussions, feigning interest in a particular QB is imperative to up the price. Houston can’t seem like they want to drop back. Opposing franchises must make an offer so substantial that the Texans would essentially have to move from No. 2 overall.

Secondly, if nobody makes an offer substantial enough in the long run anyways, and Houston drafts one of the QBs, saying “yes, we’re open for business” could make the wrong first impression on the franchise passer.

But thirdly, there is no reason whatsoever to categorically deny it, either. Every conceivable possibility should be analyzed and discussed, even if they absolutely adore a quarterback. The saying goes that everything has a price, but a franchise QB might be the one thing in sports that is priceless and that a team won’t move from.

Will Levis Becomes Favorite For Second Pick in the NFL Draft

Caesars Sportsbook has new odds for the second overall pick, and they are spicy.

Will Levis +180
Tyree Wilson +300
Will Anderson Jr. +300
C.J. Stroud +500

What is most fascinating about this isn’t Will Levis becoming the favorite, but non-quarterbacks garnering better odds than Stroud or Anthony Richardson.

However, just a week ago, many had been under the impression that Levis was relegated to being the third or, even more likely, the fourth QB drafted from the class. This is a massive jump for him and further proof that even if the masses believe something, in the NFL Draft all it takes is one team.

If one team adores Levis and thinks he’ll be the next NFL great, he’s absolutely worth the second pick in the draft. On Monday, Levis visited Indianapolis, making his rise in the betting market even more interesting.

Justin Herbert Recovering From Labrum Surgery

Justin Herbert is a tough cookie. The Los Angeles Chargers QB played through a rib cartilage fracture he sustained in Week 2 against the Kansas City Chiefs. He finished that game and proceeded not to miss a game during the 2022 NFL season.

During the lead-up to Week 18, Herbert was listed on the injury report with a shoulder issue. However, that designation was gone by the time the playoffs came around. But on Jan. 29, the Chargers’ QB had surgery on his non-throwing shoulder.

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The original report from NFL.com stated that Herbert was expected to be cleared before offseason programming. However, the timeline appears to be delayed, at least for now.

“We’re going to listen to the doctors, and I know he’s making progress,” Brandon Staley told reporters Monday. “Again, we’ll have those updates as we get closer to practice time.”

Jalen Hurts Contract Won’t… Hurt… Eagles Cap for a Long Time

Howie Roseman is a wizard, call him Howie Potter. With a cap hit that won’t reach $32 million at any point over the next four seasons, it gives the savvy GM ammunition to continue building around a young quarterback.

Although Hurts was fantastic in 2022 and one of the league’s MVP candidates, growth as an NFL QB never ends, and he can still improve.

Meanwhile, with cap hits of $6.15 million and $13.56 million over the next two seasons, Roseman can continue taking home-run swings on veterans in free agency and the NFL’s trade market, where he really thrives.

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