Will Grier, Hunter Luepke, and Kelvin Joseph

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Las Vegas Raiders 31-16 in the final preseason game. The game’s biggest storyline was Will Grier playing with grit and heart during his last game as a Dallas Cowboy. But what other players stepped up and impressed ahead of final roster cuts on Monday?

Winners From Dallas Cowboys Vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Winner | Will Grier

Although Grier is no longer fighting for a spot on the final roster with the Cowboys’ trade for Trey Lance, he ended his goodbye tour with a bang. 

Grier had his best game of the preseason and one of his best games during his time with the team. He played with his entire heart and left it all out on the field after an emotional day of finding out he would be released from the Cowboys.

Grier led the Cowboys to 28 points, including two touchdowns of his own during the game. He showed how productive he can be.

Not only was Grier playing well outside of the pocket and releasing the ball quickly, he showed strength when he ran the ball and used his legs during the game.

Grier put his all into this game and left it all out on the field. Undoubtedly, he put up good tape to be picked up somewhere else.

Winner | Jalen Cropper

Cropper was a standout player during camp and had glimmers during the preseason. He was one of Grier’s offensive weapons throughout the game on Saturday.

Cropper has been a camp and preseason standout, playing fast and physical — with the ability to run routes fluidly.

Winner | Hunter Luepke

Luepke took all of the reps of the game and showed his physicality and potential to be an asset. 

Earlier in the week, Mike McCarthy mentioned that we had not seen much of Luepke because of a lack of opportunity. But during the final preseason contest, he racked up 58 yards on 15 attempts, averaging 3.9 yards per carry.

Winner | Josh Butler

Butler was all over the field during the game. Not only was he flying from sideline to sideline, but he was tackling nonstop.

He led the Cowboys’ defense in tackles (six) in the game.

Cowboys “In the Middle”

In the Middle | Kelvin Joseph

Joseph was so close to having a complete game. He continues to improve, and undoubtedly playing the best since his time with the team.

However, he did get a costly offside penalty that would get the Raiders on the board with a field goal later in that drive.

Joseph has grown and shown improvement overall. If he makes the final roster, there is no doubt that he will continue to enhance under the third year of Dan Quinn’s scheme.

In the Middle | Brandon Aubrey

Aubrey was another guy close to having a perfect game but did miss a 59-yard field goal in the first half. 

However, he would make a 59-yard field goal in the second half. It’s good to see that Aubrey can rebound and bounce back. But, the consistency is still a concern.

Overall, the Cowboys have a guy finding his confidence and stride.

Losers From Cowboys vs. Raiders

Loser | Offensive Depth

The Cowboys’ offensive depth continues to be an area of concern going into the regular season. Although Grier played the best game of his career so far, his pocket was still collapsing quickly.

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Josh Ball also left the game with a hip injury, which doesn’t help the O-line’s already low-depth room. Overall, the offensive line’s depth remains one of the biggest concerns heading into the regular season.

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