Von Miller thinks NFL should change Concussion Protocol entirely

The NFL has a controversial protocol regarding concussions, and Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller thinks it’s time for a change to happen.

The NFL often faces controversy from their Concussion Protocol, especially when players appear to be severely injured as a result of the impact on the field. Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller spoke out and thinks the league should completely change the current protocol.

Alaina Getzenberg of ESPN tweeted a statement from Miller, which discussed “why he thinks players that suffer concussions or neck injuries should be taken out for the rest of the game.”

Miller’s point revolves around the idea of safety. “Football is a dangerous sport, and I’m all about making the game as safe as I possibly can,” Miller wrote. He further explained that a player should be taken out of the game and not allowed back in for the remainder of it, and there’s more to the life and careers of football players than just “going back out.”

Concussions are unfortunately common in football at any level, but they can cause some serious, irreparable damage if not diagnosed and treated properly. The concussion controversy is sparking up again after the perceived mishandling of Miami Dolphins star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who demonstrated concerning concussion symptoms through two consecutive games.

Bills LB Von Miller addresses the Tua Tagovailoa situation

Tagovailoa is in the spotlight due to the fact that he may have suffered two of them through two consecutive games, yet the first one may have been misdiagnosed at the time. In Week 3, he was tackled to the ground and still conscious, but Tagovailoa heavily stumbled coming off the field. Tagovailoa was evaluated for a concussion and was cleared to retake the field, which he did.

Tagovailoa also started in the team’s Week 4 game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, where he was sacked again and responded in a terrifying manner. He went unconscious on the field and began flexing his arms and fingers uncontrollably, demonstrating what’s referred to as a “fencing response.” He had to be taken off the field on a stretcher, and it was not even a full week after the initial incident. He’s been sitting out since then, but there is concern that the second incident was a direct result of his brain not being fully healed from the first major hit.

Miller directly mentioned the incident in his statement. He said, “I know I had some takes about, you know… Tua’s unfortunate incident in the game. When it comes to concussions or head injuries or neck injuries in the game, I know some of my colleagues won’t like this, but I feel whenever you have any type of concussion or neck injury or any type of situation in the game, I feel like they should take you out and you should be out for the rest of the game.”

Nothing is more important than the safety of the players, and that should always be prioritized.

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