Unusual NFL rumors could spell the end for emerging Aaron Rodgers destination

A former NFL player is suggesting a star running back has been traded that would mean the end of one team’s chances at Aaron Rodgers.

On Saturday, former NFL player Akbar Gbajabiamila Tweeted out that Derrick Henry had been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Gbajabiamila is not typically known for breaking news, but as was pointed out by SI, both Gbajabiamila and Henry are both represented by CAA, which gives this obscure rumor just a tad more validity. The details of any trade involving Henry to Philadelphia have yet to be acknowledged or confirmed by any of the more traditional NFL insiders, though.

So for now, it looks like this might just be smoke…

That said, it’s not going to stop us from talking about what this would mean if it is true or ends up becoming true. Henry to the Eagles would be a massive power shift. Philly, who could use a running back, would be adding one of the league’s best and most durable backs to its roster after winning the NFC last season.

But for Tennesse, it’s somewhat curious, especially when you consider that there is a growing contingent of fans and analysts connecting the dots and suggesting the Titans could make a push for Aaron Rodgers if the ongoing Jets-Packers trade doesn’t get done.

The fit there is almost entirely contingent on Henry. As my colleague John Buhler pointed out, the Titans make so much sense because they are a run-heavy team, which at this stage, Rodgers could use to elongate his playing career. Henry going out would invalidate that argument entirely, and make the Titans a far worse fit for Rodgers.

Could Titans trade Derrick Henry and draft his replacement?

If the Titans are able to move Derrick Henry to Philly, that virtually guarantees the Eagles won’t take Bijan Robinson, the best running back available in the draft, at No. 10. That leaves him available for Tennessee at No. 11.

Then, the Titans could ostensibly take Robinson and restore their dominance in the run game, becoming the fit for Rodgers they should hope to be if the Jets deal falls through.

All of that is speculative and dependent on the Jets trade falling through first, though, which we’ve been reminded repeatedly is unlikely. That said, with every day that goes by without an official Rodgers trade, one starts to wonder…

That trade, essentially, needs to be completed by Day 2 of the NFL Draft. If not, it could be open season for other teams to get in on the action.

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