Tyreek Hill’s latest Chiefs soundbite is his biggest reach yet

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill took another shot at his former employer, the Kansas City Chiefs. This time, it was a pretty massive reach.

Hill, formerly of the Chiefs, wanted to become the highest-paid receiver in the NFL at the time. Kansas City general manager Brett Veach said no, countering instead with an offer that would’ve paid Hill slightly less than his eventual four-year, $120 million extension he signed with Miami.

Veach traded Hill to the Dolphins when contract negotiations reached a low point. Per Andy Reid and the coaching staff, they hoped to keep Hill on the roster on a new deal, but his agency wouldn’t budge on their financial expectations. Instead, KC landed five draft picks for the self-proclaimed ‘Cheetah’.

Hill still feels slighted, despite his excitement to play for Miami.

Should Tyreek Hill feel slighted by the Chiefs?

Every professional athlete needs some sort of motivation, whether it makes sense or not. In this case, Hill’s motivation is utterly ridiculous. The fact he made it public is even more egregious — as if he expected NFL fans to agree with him.

The Chiefs did not discard Hill like trash. Is trash worth over $20 million?

Kansas City is a winning franchise in part because they don’t overpay certain assets. Wide receivers are one of those assets. Patrick Mahomes is a capable enough quarterback — one of the best, I might add — to make those around him better. Sure, having Hill in tow made matters easier, but at what cost?

Veach made it a priority to protect his greatest asset in Mahomes. To do that, he needs to spend money on the offensive line. The skill positions are less important than the line of scrimmage, both offensively and defensively. Paying $30 million for Hill is not a decision a winning franchise makes.

Tyreek will put up numbers in Miami, no doubt. But those numbers rarely equal wins without some help.

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