Tyreek Hill had perfect Twitter reaction to insane Patrick Mahomes pass

Tyreek Hill might not be in Kansas City anymore, but he’s still geeking out watching Patrick Mahomes throw touchdown passes for the Chiefs. 

It goes without saying — or at least it should — but Patrick Mahomes is ridiculously good at football.

It feels at this point that Mahomes is to football what Prince was to pop music; he just effortlessly makes a job as difficult as being an NFL quarterback look easy. And both, despite their greatness, were taken for granted almost as quickly as they rocketed to peak popularity.

After throwing five touchdowns in Week 1, the guy who was graded as the eighth-best quarterback in the league kept reminding us how stupid it is to consider him anything less than the best.

The first was a scramble that kept an otherwise dead play alive that ended with a sidearm touchdown throw, and it was textbook Mahomes.

The second was a 50-yard dime to Justin Watson that is the type of thrown that almost always ends in some sort of overthrown but with Mahomes was a perfectly placed pass for a score.

Watching Mahomes do what he’s able to do in real time is cray enough, but going back and looking at these types of touchdown throws somehow only make them even more impressive.

As JA Adande pointed out, Mahomes launched that 50-yard touchdown pass and without even planting his feet:

Among those impressed with Mahomes was someone who used to have a front row seat to his greatness.

Mahomes done so many insane things so often that it’s expected to be second nature. We’ve become desensitized to his greatness, but Hill’s reaction is perfection. It’s someone who has seen this greatness first-hand, often times at the receiving end of it, and is letting the greatness speak for itself. He’s not so much surprised by it as he is acknowledging that this is just how Mahomes operates — like Prince, at a plane of existence so much higher than everyone else who does what he does.

It’s also nice to know that Hill is keeping tabs on his former teammate and is still ready to show him love even though they wear different uniforms now on Sunday.

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