Tyrann Mathieu’s social media activity sparks bizarre Saints rumors

A since-deleted tweet from New Orleans Saints safety Tyrann Mathieu sparked a slew of concerned rumors that Mathieu was on the way out of New Orleans. 

When Tyrann Mathieu signed a three-year, $28.3 million deal with the New Orleans Saints, the city was ready to welcome him home. Mathieu seemed just as eager to embrace his hometown and the team he grew up watching, but recent social media activity seemed to suggest otherwise.

On Monday night, Mathieu tweeted, then deleted, the following:

Mathieu’s Twitter profile still does not contain references to the Saints, although he has reportedly cleared up speculation that he was subtweeting his team.

This morning, Mathieu issued the following statement to Pro Football Talk, who reported on the social media speculation:

Mathieu has informed PFT that his deleted tweet (“the only job where youth beats out experience without actually being better”) was about the release of Tony Jefferson and “had nothing to do with me or Saints.”

Tyrann Mathieu addresses bizarre rumors that he’s clashing with the New Orleans Saints

Mathieu’s critique of the cutting of Jefferson isn’t unusual for either player, actually. In fact, both Jefferson and Mathieu criticized the snubbing of Patrick Peterson from the NFL’s All-Pro team after the 2017 season.

Mathieu and Jefferson became close as teammates on the Arizona Cardinals from 2013-2016, and Mathieu is famous for refusing to hold back his thoughts on social media.

As for his lacking mention of the Saints, he does call himself “Louisiana’s son”, a nod to his New Orleans roots and his LSU playing days.

Perhaps the swirling Twitter speculation has finally gotten to Mathieu, as he told the platform he’s moving to Instagram for now.

PFT’s Mike Florio pointed out that money is the most outspoken factor here. Considering Mathieu’s deal, it’s unlikely he or the Saints are considering any kind of move out of Louisiana.

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