Two insane angles of Wil Lutz missed field goal (Video)

New Orleans Saints kicker Wil Lutz double-doinked a potential game-winning field goal and there are some epic angles of the miss. 

Both Man City and Manchester United were in action on Sunday, but the most exciting football was happening in Tottenham and didn’t involve the Spurs.

There was, however, a kick involved.

The Manchester Derby ended up being a one-sided blowout by City, whereas the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints showdown cranked up the drama late in the action. Wil Lutz nailed a 60-yard field goal to tie things up and force the ball into Kirk Cousins hands — a good place for the ball to be on Sunday if you were a Saints fan.

Minnesota took a 28-25 lead with less than a minute left, but Andy Dalton somehow marched the Saints into Lutz’s range with a chance to tie. It was a 61-yard field goal attempt that was set up by the New Orleans offense — a mere yard longer than the kick he nailed a drive prior — but what happened next was a nightmare scenario.

Lutz had the leg to get the ball all the way but his accuracy was off just enough to doink it off the upright. Unfortunately for Lutz, the kick doinked again off the crossbar and bounced out for a miss.

New Orleans lost on a double doink.

Double Doink: Insane angles of Wil Lutz missed field goal

The field angle of the missed kick is even more heartbreaking for Saints fans. In real time it looked like the kick bounced off the crossbar, but the slow-motion replay showed that it wasn’t Lutz’s leg that was the issue rather the upright stood in the way.

Another insane angle of the missed kick didn’t even feature the ball. Knowing the context of what happened with the missed kick, cameras captured the reactions of the Saints and Vikings lines between the time of the kick looking like it was going to go in and when it missed, and the stark swing in emotions each side experienced.

It’s a game Minnesota didn’t really deserve to win, but they’re somehow 3-1 and in a position to contend for the NFC North title — at least for the time being. Meanwhile the Saints dropped to 1-3 after the missed kick, proving how slim the margins in the NFL are.

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