Commanders terrible uniforms not received well by NFL fans

Poor Washington Commanders fans must suffer through watching quarterback Carson Wentz on a week-to-week basis. Now, they have the uniforms to match his play.

Wentz is one of the more unstable quarterbacks in football, which also makes him one of the more entertaining products in the game itself if you’re an opposing fan.

However, no one should have to see him in the latest version of the Commanders uniforms. Don’t believe me, just watch:

Nothing like 250 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions while wearing all black on the road, right?

I have several questions. First, why? Second, who was this supposed to impress? Third, why is every NFL team trending towards all black?

Washington Commanders uniforms torn apart by NFL fans

As if Washington’s team name wasn’t bad enough — not that the predecessor was any better, of course — but now they have some disgusting-looking uniforms to match.

A fair point! Get rid of Dan Snyder, please.

As you can see, even Commanders fans didn’t love the new look. But what about the neutral observer?

Eh, not much better.

They have a point.

Giving Washington a new look every now and then makes sense, but these likely won’t see the light of day for quite some time. And that’s fair, to be honest, given the public reaction.

Sometimes it takes a social media focus group to maintain balance in the NFL world.

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