Twitter reacts to Ken Dorsey’s meltdown after horrifying Miami weekend

Ken Dorsey had the worst weekend of his life, and he had a meltdown on national TV.

Ken Dorsey was probably excited for a great weekend. The Buffalo Bills were on the road in sunny Miami, the home of the team he played college football for.

Then, the Hurricanes were upset by Middle Tennessee at home. With Dorsey in town.

Still, he could make it up with a win on Sunday over the Miami Dolphins to take the AFC East lead, right?


Unfortunately for Dorsey and the Bills, they were unable to pull out a win in Week 3 over the Dolphins, losing to Miami 21-19.

Twitter reacts to Ken Dorsey’s legendary meltdown after Dolphins loss

Fans hilariously called back to his intro press conference where he labeled himself as, “not too much of a psychopath.”

Oh really Ken?

Before Week 3 in response to Brady smashing yet another tablet, the NFL sent a memo to teams asking (or mandating) they don’t damage equipment. Dorsey must have missed it, or didn’t care:

The Bills moneyline felt like a good parlay pick, but of course, anyone who had that is basically doing the same thing as Dorsey. Sorry if this kills your parlay:

Flashbacks for Dorsey to years ago. The Canes lost that year’s Fiesta Bowl to the Ohio State Buckeyes 31-24 in double overtime:

Just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend for Dorsey:

Some Bills fans loved the fire and it only confirmed he’s the right guy to take over for Brian Daboll, who took over as New York Giants coach this offseason:

It doesn’t get easier. The Bills have to face Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday at 1 pm.

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