Tom Brady Caught in a Love Triangle With Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper? Latest Around HOF QB’s Relationship

Is Tom Brady in a ménage à trois? The former NFL quarterback may have found himself in a triangle, and it’s not a read or passing game on the gridiron.

Tom Brady’s Girlfriend on Vacation With Another Man?

Irina Shayk posted photos of herself on a beach vacation, showing off the beautiful scenery and a whole lot more.

One photo Shayk posted featured Bradley Cooper, her ex-boyfriend, and the father of her child, Lea. Cooper was lying in a kayak, shirtless, in the snap.

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When you hear Irina and Bradley are vacationing together, it sounds like incredible co-parenting at first glance.

Lea will have memories of spending time with the two people she loves the most in this world.

Some people were a bit taken aback by the lack of shirts on both members of the former couple. Irina posted a photo of herself in string bikini bottoms, socks, tennis shoes, and nothing else.

Cooper was also showing some chest hair in his risqué boat photo.

Is Brady Throwing a Flag on the Play?

No way! Allegedly, Tom Brady and Irina Shayk are happier than ever.

The couple went public last month, and we have watched Brady sweep Irina off her feet in a very gentle sack with many weekend get-aways recently.

Shayk is reportedly helping Brady handle the transition from being one of the best quarterbacks to ever do it to becoming a civilian.

In stark contrast to the anxiety most of us would be feeling over our significant other vacationing with their former love, Tom Brady is actually feeling cool as a cucumber.

A source from the Daily Mail was quoted as saying:

‘It is something that just feels natural, right, and comforting. He’s loving every minute of it and is only anticipating what could be next.’

Another source reported to Radar Online that Tom Brady is also feeling confident in his brand new relationship.

“He has zero worry with her, they seem to get each other and get along quite well.”

No one ever said Brady had any shortage of ego or confidence.

Brady Understands Co-Parenting

Brady has three children with two different women. He is used to co-parenting with a woman he isn’t with.

Tom has been navigating parenting with his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, for most of his 15-year-old son’s life.

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The former QB is also exploring co-parenting with his recent ex-wife, Gisele.

Relationships can be messy, and parenting can be tough. There are no two people who understand that concept better than Brady and Shayk.

Fans can unclench their pearls. Everyone is comfortable with varying levels of nudity. What may feel like a raunchy rendezvous for some may just be two half-naked former partners at the beach for others.

Brady Likes His Girlfriend To Hang Out With Her Ex?

Allegedly, Brady and Gisele both appreciate that Irina co-parents so well with Bradley.

Brady is a family-oriented guy, and seeing Irina as a mature mother who can work together with her ex is appealing.

Gisele also sees this as a positive sign, as her primary concern is that her children are loved by the people in their lives.

Not that Tom Brady’s ex has a lot of time to dwell on the former quarterback’s relationship; she’s busy with her own man. We love to see it.

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