Richard Sherman Shocks ‘Undisputed’ Team as Michael Irvin Walks Off

Richard Sherman continues to amaze. The new cast of FS1’s “Undisputed” has already caused fireworks in their first week together. Naturally, when you bring several fiery personalities together to debate sports, particularly football, a sport they devoted their lives to, there will be bitter debates.

When Skip Bayless brought together Michael Irvin, Keyshawn Johnson, and Sherman to replace Shannon Sharpe, they knew there would be some heat on the set. They’ve gotten what they paid for. Sherman went off-script on a “shoot” they didn’t rehearse and caught the former NFL receivers flat-footed.

What Did Richard Sherman Say?

Sherman knew his antagonistic remarks would set off Irvin and Johnson by beginning, “I’ll say something to piss you off right now.”

Sherman wasn’t wrong as he continued, “Corner is the harder position,” referring to cornerback being the more difficult position to play than wide receiver. To the surprise of no one, Irvin and Johnson bolted out of their seats instantly, with Johnson saying, “See, now I gotta go Mike.”

Bayless sat back, grinning, admiring his handiwork, seeing these electric personalities go back and forth.

Johnson immediately made the conversation personal and turned the attention to Sherman, who famously played wide receiver at Stanford before switching to defensive back. Johnson stated that Sherman couldn’t make it in the NFL as a receiver, so he had to move to DB.

Johnson turned his attack to the CB position itself, stating it’s much easier and that you don’t have to turn your eyes away from the QB, that you can keep your eyes locked on the quarterback the entire play, making it easier for the cornerback. Not to mention, safety traditionally plays over the top to provide the cornerback help.

Sherman claimed he switched positions because he didn’t want to depend on someone else, alluding to the relationship between a QB and his receiver. Sherman stated he wanted to be involved in every play, every snap, not just plays where he was getting the ball.

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It is difficult to quantify which position is tougher to play. WR and CB have particular nuances and hardships. Both receiver and cornerback are on an island where mistakes are highlighted and can swing the game. Receiver and cornerback remain two critical positions in the game, and NFL front offices value highly.

Is This the First Time Sherman and Michael Irvin Have Gotten Heated?

It’s not the first time this week. Sherman and Irvin play off each other well, leading to fireworks from Day 1.

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