“This Is Why the Cowboys Will Never Win S**t” — Former SB Champion Attacks Jerry Jones After Trey Lance Trade

The Dallas Cowboys made headlines recently when they acquired San Francisco 49ers QB and presumed NFL Draft bust Trey Lance. The trade didn’t raise any eyebrows of many analysts around the league. But the fact that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn’t inform franchise QB Dak Prescott of the trade did.

Why didn’t the Cowboys owner feel it necessary to discuss the move with Prescott? Perhaps it was a targeted strike to pressure the Cowboys QB to get Dallas over the top in 2023. One former Super Bowl champion was not impressed with the Cowboy’s strategy.

What Did Mark Schlereth Say?

Mark Schlereth did not mix words and let it fly.

“This is why the Cowboys will never win s**t because Jerry Jones can’t help himself. You’re gonna go out there and you’re gonna make a trade for a guy without talking to anybody else in your organization, Steven Jones, your HC Mike McCarthy, your QB?”

Does Schelereth Have a Point?

It boggles the mind that NFL front offices can be so obtuse not to speak with the team’s starting QB and the face of the franchise, not to mention the head coach.

The front office has to know the minute you bring another high-profile name, especially at the QB position, your current QB will receive questions, as will your head coach.

Does Trey Lance Provide an Unnecessary Distraction?

Yes. The Cowboys still have Cooper Rush to back up Prescott. Last season, Rush stepped in for Prescott and won several games. Rush is arguably one of the top backup QBs in the NFL.

The Cowboys don’t need to add Lance and had to know that bringing in a player who was the former third overall selection in the NFL Draft would have their current starter feeling a certain way. Not only does the QB have to answer questions about his backups, but you also risk alienating Prescott.

Why wouldn’t the Cowboys’ front office loop in their head coach, Mike McCarthy? McCarthy and his offensive coordinators will be the ones coaching Lance daily. Wouldn’t their input have come in handy? What if McCarthy doesn’t like Lance or doesn’t think he is a fit for their offense?

Or does Jerry Jones not care? Is the Cowboys owner pushing all their remaining chips into the middle of the table, and is Dallas going all-in? McCarthy is on the hot seat, and everyone knows it. The assumption was Prescott was in the clear, but perhaps that assumption is incorrect.

Regardless, the Lance trade may end up being a good deal, but no matter the results, it was executed poorly.

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