“Skip, You Cannot Be Serious”

The new-look FS1 sports talk show ‘Undisputed’ continued rolling out the red carpet this week as rapper Lil’ Wayne joined the fray alongside new analysts Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Irvin, and Richard Sherman. Wayne, who oddly enough, appears to have a real-life friendship with long-time host Skip Bayless, went off on his odd-couple compadre.

Bayless was going on about his confidence in Carolina Panthers rookie QB Bryce Young. Young, famously a former Heisman Trophy-winning QB from Alabama and the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, faces his share of question marks surrounding his size and slight frame and how he will deal with the physicality of the NFL game.

Lil’ Wayne was having none of that.

What Did Lil’ Wayne Say to Skip Bayless?

Bayless waxed poetic about Bryce Young. “He is special. You have to focus on the tape, not size. These are extreme intangibles. This is extreme accuracy. The bigger the moment, the bigger the play he made. Extreme clutchness. Extreme poise.”

Wayne finally interrupted, “You cannot be serious.” Johnson echoed the sentiment immediately.

“Ain’t no 18-year-old dudes out on that island.”

The premise of Bayless’ position is that Bryce Young played exceptionally well at the highest level of college football, the SEC. While not many would argue with that sentiment, since the SEC has dominated college football lately, Wayne and Johnson want to acknowledge the difference in competition between college football and the NFL.

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Wayne compared college football players to boys and NFL players to men. Johnson stated that Young’s arm is a water pistol at the NFL level, and when compared to QBs like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Herbert, he lacks similar arm strength.

Will Young’s Small Statue Cause a Large Issue?

Johnson expressed his concern about Young’s size, which is fair. We have never seen a QB the size of Young with similar draft capital. Few QBs have had a similar physical profile to Young. Due to the physical nature of the sport, longevity concerns linger.

Bayless made the dreaded ‘Tom Brady’ comparison, alluding to Young’s throwing accuracy. Again, Johnson reiterated that Brady is 6’5, 220 lbs, and comparing Young to Brady does the Panthers’ signal-caller a disservice.

Wayne and Johnson remained on the same page as Wayne mentioned he would rather have a QB who is ‘Anthony Richardson-size’ and Johnson stated that although he doesn’t know for a fact, he suspects the selection of Bryce Young was an owner selection and not the decision of the Panthers’ head coach Frank Reich.

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