Super Bowl-winning coach trashes Justin Fields and Trey Lance at the same time

Former Super Bowl-winning head coach Mike Martz doubled down on his criticism of Justin Fields and added Trey Lance to the mix.

There’s stubbornness, and then there’s Mike Martz. He won’t back off his criticism of Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields, and now he’s added 49ers signal-caller Trey Lance to his list.

When asked about his thoughts on last Sunday’s matchup between the two, Martz didn’t hold back, providing more criticism on Fields and then adding Lance into the mix.

Fields can’t do anything at all, huh? Are we supposed to believe this? Now it all makes sense why Jay Cutler said what he said about Martz. Yes, Martz had the Greatest Show on Turf at his side for a while, but once they left, all broke down. Naturally, fans on Twitter had plenty to say.

Mike Martz refusing to apologize and instead doubling down on his criticism of Justin Fields and Trey Lance is disappointing.

Now, if we listen closely, it turns out there is more criticism of Lance than Fields, but given what Martz said earlier in the season, this only adds more fuel to the fire, and frankly, Martz should be very ashamed of himself.

In case he didn’t watch, the game was played in a monsoon. How is any offense supposed to work in a flooding rainstorm that was wild all throughout the day? Seriously? The Bears and 49ers, specifically the 49ers, should take this with a grain of salt. It’s shameful, considering Mike Martz was once their coach and had, of all people, J.T. O’Sullivan as his quarterback.

Justin Fields knows what people are saying about the Bears, and frankly, it looks like he’s had enough. To truly silence the critics and force them to back off, he will have to do more throwing the ball, which means getting to 4,000 yards. If he can pull that off, he will hear crickets more than cries of despair from the outside world. That includes Mike Martz.

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