Stefon Diggs refuses to buy into the Bills hype just yet

Stefon Diggs isn’t getting his hopes up just yet despite an incredible start to the Buffalo Bills 2022 season.

Stefon Diggs has been disappointed before. He took a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021 as motivation, opting to stay on the field and observe the Chiefs’ celebration rather than sulking in the locker room. That moment serves as motivation and an aim in what he wants for the Buffalo Bills.

Two games into this season and most Bills fans are probably ready to claim themselves the favorites in the AFC, despite how strong the conference is. Diggs, though? He knows there’s work to be done.

He’s not buying into the hype just yet:

Bills are off to a hot start but still have work to do

The Bills have won convincingly in their first two games of the season. So far this year:

  • Bills: 72 points
  • Bills opponents: 17 points

That’s some crazy differential. Buffalo’s average scoring margin (27.5) more than doubles that of the runner-up Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs (13.0).

The defense has given up two total touchdowns this year. The Titans gave up more than that to the Bills in the third quarter yesterday.

The Bills have an easier-than-average schedule but it started off with the Super Bowl-defending Rams and the Titans, who most thought would at least be in the running for a playoff spot.

There are some must-win games on the horizon for Buffalo to continue to assert their dominance as a Super Bowl threat, though.

Their next matchup is against the Dolphins, who have looked every bit the part of an AFC East rival for the Bills after a comeback win against the Ravens in Week 2. That matchup will determine who takes the early lead in the AFC East, as both teams are 2-0.

Then in Week 4, they have the Baltimore Ravens. Week 6 is the Chiefs and Week 7 is the Packers.

Yeah, Diggs might be right to not get cocky just yet, even if he has every right to. The Bills can prove themselves for sure if they can pull out wins in those matchups.

Diggs leads the league in receiving touchdowns (4) and has pulled in 13.5 yards per reception. He’s caught 20 of the 23 balls thrown his way so far from Josh Allen.

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