Skip Bayless was just waiting to fire off this anti-Aaron Rodgers take

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw an interception and had an unfortunate reaction after the fact. Skip Bayless roasted him, as Skip Bayless usually does.

Skip Bayless Twitter is a dark corner of the internet I would not recommend visiting. Instead, read this article written by a man who ventured to his profile and lived to tell the story.

Bayless has a scathing Twitter draft ready for just about any well-known athletes. This likely includes at least a couple dozen about LeBron James (hint: none are positive). When Rodgers threw an interception against the Buccaneers — his ninth at Raymond James Stadium — he glared at the intended receiver for (we assume) cutting his route short.

Skip didn’t take kindly to that reaction, and roasted Rodgers on the spot.

Never change.

Skip Bayless takes aim at Aaron Rodgers, Packers

At the time, Green Bay held the lead over the Buccaneers on the road. Rodgers played fairly well, and Matt LaFleur’s offensive gameplan was working to perfection. One mistake doesn’t change all of that.

Bayless is a Tom Brady fanboy. He always has been and always will be. Thus, when he trolls Brady’s opponent with his surprisingly-fast Twitter fingers, it should be expected.

Rodgers is embracing life without top wide receiver Davante Adams, who was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason. The pair were electric together. Now, Rodgers is throwing to the likes of Randall Cobb and Allen Lazard on a weekly basis. Sammy Watkins is on injured reserve, where he owns a timeshare.

No. 12 is doing the best he can with the resources he has at his disposal. It’s not Bayless’ job to look at all the details, however.

As a talking head on national television, it’s Bayless job to spew hot takes that ensure high viewership — a job he is failing at, I might add — and calling Rodgers out in a viral tweet may gain him a few eyeballs on Monday morning.

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