Shannon Sharpe Bringing ‘Club Shay Shay’ Podcast to Colin Cowherd’s The Volume

Two prominent names in the sports media realm are reportedly joining forces under a new umbrella.

The Volume, a sports media company founded by Colin Cowherd in 2021, has a number of well-known pro athletes and current sportscasters in their arsenal. Included among them are Draymond Green, Richard Sherman, Darius Slay, and Daniel Cormier.

But the latest on-air personality to join Cowherd’s budding mogul might be the biggest yet.

Shannon Sharpe Joins Colin Cowherd’s The Volume

Sharpe boasts nearly two decades of media experience, joining CBS Sports’ pregame team back in 2004 when the prolific former Denver Broncos tight end wrapped up his Hall of Fame NFL career.

He is perhaps best known in the present day for the near-eight years he spent opposite Skip Bayless on Fox Sports’ “Undisputed.” Sharpe reached a buyout agreement with Fox Sports in June of this year.

Now he’ll look to grow his singularly hosted “Club Shay Shay” podcast under Cowherd’s guidance. The two discussed, and simultaneously revealed, this development fittingly on The Volume’s X account.

“I have great news for you. We’re in business together, bro,” Sharpe told Cowherd. “I’ve decided to bring ‘Club Shay Shay’ over and partner with you.

“When we first started, you said, ‘Hey, give me an opportunity. Hear what everybody else has to say. And I listened to everybody, but I felt The Volume was the best place for me.”

Sharpe started “Club Shay Shay” independently in 2021 and quickly garnered a following. He reportedly boasts over two million combined followers now.

Sharpe regularly features prominent guests, in both athletics and pop culture, and discusses a wide range of topics. Sports are the headline, but he and his guests regularly converse about entertainment, music, food, and their viewpoints on the world at large.

Much like Sharpe, Cowherd is probably best known for his work as the host of his own Fox Sports show, “The Herd.” But evidently, the urge to blaze his own trail and create his own platform is too enticing to not pursue.

Say what you will about Cowherd. He certainly has his detractors. But there’s a reason he draws so many listeners and is such a decorated sports journalist. He creates interesting content. And in Sharpe, he’s landed a humongous asset to help grow The Volume into a media titan.

A fact that he sounds well aware of.

“I feel like I landed Peyton Manning in Denver. The commitment I watched you make as a former pro athlete who’s got his money, who’s got his legacy. To get up at four in the morning. I’d come in on the elevator to see a great pro athlete commit to the process of the grind. And that’s what this s–t is. It is a grind,” Cowherd said.

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