Russell Wilson claps back at Eli Manning’s snarky punter joke

Eli Manning commented on how the Denver Broncos should have paid their punter $250 million instead of Russell Wilson, and Wilson fired back at Manning, i.e., Chad Powers. 

So far, Russell Wilson isn’t exactly riding up the stats with the Denver Broncos, yet they are currently on a two-game winning streak.

However, on Monday Night Football between the Giants and Cowboys, former Giants quarterback Eli Manning made a comment on Manningcast, albeit jokingly, about how the Broncos should have paid their punter $250 million instead of Wilson after Denver’s 11-10 win over San Francisco on Sunday Night Football.

“They should have paid that punter $235 million instead of Russell,” Eli said while Pat McAfee was on the show, referring to Wilson’s $245 million contract extension.

In fairness to Manning, he did come out and say that he was not ripping Wilson. However, that didn’t stop Wilson from clapping back in his own right, again, jokingly.

“You talking about Chad Powers?” “I’m 3-0 against Chad Powers”

For those who don’t know, Chad Powers is the alias that Manning underwent for a “walk-on” skit with the Penn State Football Program. And yes, Wilson has won all three matchups that he has played against Manning during their time in the league together.

Russell Wilson clapped back at Eli Manning’s unfunny punter joke and trolled him in the process

Here’s the bottom line. Eli Manning and Russell Wilson have had plenty of success in the NFL, even though Wilson is still playing. Both men have competed in Super Bowls and won a championship for a team. Manning won two with the Giants, and Wilson won his with the Seahawks.

At the same time, let’s ask ourselves a question. Who would ever give $250 million to a punter? Seriously. Plus, Wilson has gotten the better of Manning each time they met, so the advantage is still in his pocket. At the same time, Wilson lost to Tom Brady, while Manning beat hi twice, including 2007 in Phoenix, coincidentally, the site of this year’s Super Bowl.

But then again, it is what it is. Eli Manning said he meant no harm, and Russell Wilson was gracious in his own right. Still, props to Wilson for coming back with an absolute burner, and kudos on staying up to date on what’s taking place with Manning, or rather Chad Powers.

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