Ron Rivera’s practice attire is heartwarming stand for Brian Robinson

Washington Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera wore an orange shirt to a press conference to bring awareness to gun violence victims, including his running back, Brian Robinson Jr.

On Sunday, Washington Commanders running back Brian Robinson Jr was shot at in an attempted carjacking robbery. Head Coach Ron Rivera had his back.

On Monday, the Commanders coach held a press conference and wore an orange shirt, which is a sign of bringing awareness to gun violence. This shows that while he can be a stern disciplinarian as a coach, Rivera is someone that will have his players’ backs both on and off the field. Additionally, Rivera visited Robinson in the hospital.

More importantly, it’s a more significant sign of respect for bringing awareness to an important cause while also showing support for someone who could have lost his life if things had gone horribly wrong. Though Robinson has had surgery and posted that all will be well, his football career is the least of the priorities; it’s about his recovery from suffering injuries to the glute and lower leg.

Ron Rivera wears an orange shirt to bring awareness to gun violence while showing support for Brian Robinson Jr.

A third-round pick out of Alabama last April, Brian Robinson Jr was drafted to help give Ron Rivera and the Washington Commanders a boost in the running game. Robinson had 1,343 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns last season and helped the Crimson Tide reach the national title game, losing 33-18 to the Georgia Bulldogs. Over two preseason games, Robinson has carried the ball 14 times for 57 yards and one touchdown.

Many of Robinson’s current teammates, including wide receiver Terry McLaurin, told ESPN and Yahoo Sports that practicing while dealing with this news is a toll, knowing very well what could have potentially happened.

“We’ve learned to take the time and appreciate what’s going on and you can’t just breeze over it and move past it,” McLaurin said, via ESPN. “We’re human and it does affect our mental. It shakes your whole day when things like [Robinson’s situation] happen, but we also understand we still have to do our job and come out and practice hard and prepare.”

Robinson will undoubtedly be on the minds of his teammates as they prepare for the regular season. Team cutdowns are on Tuesday, and Robinson will likely be on the roster and revert to injured reserve. But again, that is the least of the concerns. Here’s hoping that he makes a full recovery, and kudos to Ron Rivera for bringing awareness to the issue while showing support for his players.

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